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As I sit here on a cloudy August morning in London, I begin to wonder if the sun remembers that it’s “summer.”  I can’t believe I have a sweater on. Shouldn't it be all about flip flops, ice cream and cold drinks?

But, I love it in many ways, as I try to see the positive. For one, it allows me to sit and write while all is quiet in the house.

This summer has been one of reflection for me. Reflecting back over the last year. Funny, isn’t that a January thing?  Not only did I complete my first ever novel in the last twelve months, I also got to do same amazing things in London as a writer. 

One was to round up some of my favorite places in London as a writer and discover some cool websites.

I always wonder how the greats of old wrote without the assistance technology affords us today. Hence the challenge!
Here is what I came up with:


The British Library:  A wonderful place of inspiration.  It was so inspiring for me to stand before some of the world’s greatest manuscripts and scribblings of geniuses.  For example, Leonardo da Vinci’s note book, Michelangelo’s drawings, original (handwritten) musical scores by Mozart, Handel and The Beatles.  Enough in one room to keep one enthused, especially when their ways of creating were not so different from yours and mine.

The Museum of London.  I could get lost in wonder in here for hours.  Listening to curators tell astounding stories of those who lived on the same soil I'm walking on and showcase the city’s hidden gems. It gave me enough ideas for my third manuscript which I've started penning.


Hmm… existing behind a computer and creating words and scenarios can be a lonely experience, so I was so grateful to find two websites that were so inspirational for me as a writer.

The CreativePenn: A wonderful resource for writers by Joanna Penn - as one who’s lived the author journey.

Quite a helpful website with seasoned musings from the published world, but my favorite parts are the guest articles where writers of all fields share everything from plotting to character development. Quite a gem of free information.

Anyway, I better get back to editing my second manuscript - a story about lost love and conspiracies.

It was lovely to spend some time with you in cyberspace.
See you soon:

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