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Who Created the Internet and Why?

Okay... so who created the Internet?  Ever wonder?  This is a fascinating theme I explore in my second book of the Calla Cress Thrillers - COVERT INTERFERENCE.  Though I do not delve into a deep discussion, nevertheless the story brings Calla, Nash and Jack to question this riddle before they can defeat their enemy Mason Laskfell.  Here is an excerpt of that conversation from the book and a link below to that answer:

 * * *
Chapter 24

China: 0621 hrs.

Nash set a hand on Calla’s knee. “We’ll be out of here soon.”
“Mason is keen on playing god,” Jack said.
Sudden anger lit in Calla’s eyes. “He can’t.”
“Think of it,” Jack said, as sweat prickled his scalp. “If any government or corporation fails to cooperate with him, they risk network infection.”
Nash drew in a sharp breath. “You mean he’ll hack their networks anyway?”
“Exactly,” replied Jack. “That’s what the NASA hacks and those of the British Parliament have been about. He’s demonstrated that he is capable.”
Nash rose digging his hands into his hair. “Then global networks are at a standstill.”
Calla peered from one friend to another. “The only way anyone can stay secure and resist him is to stop using a cell phone, tablet, company network, a flight, e-mail or even a Wi-Fi system . . .”
Nash took a seat next to her on the rough blanket beneath them. “Essentially, anything related to a network.”
Calla breathed hard. Her usually lively eyes sparkled with weariness. “The choice will be to discard every item of technology we use, or cower under Mason’s radar. Think of it. Everything uses technology and a network. Even the food we eat.” She shot up and slammed a fist in her palm. “We can’t let that happen. That would mean rewriting history, going back to the drawing boards and starting a new Internet, a new world. I became a curator to explain history and take us into the future, not to destroy it. Which is what will happen, either way we go?”
“That’s right Cal,” Nash said. “We can’t let him take the network world hostage and risk redrafting a major part of history. The idea of data communications between computers began in the late sixties and early seventies. Researchers began progressing ways of connecting computers and exchanging information. If those network avenues are compromised, then so is network history. We would have to start again, or . . .” He glimpsed at Jack. “Hack his software like we did last time.”
* * *
So there you have it. But let’s hear more here in this video first posted on AllTop's Holy Kaw page. Thanks guys.
Who Created the Internet Video and Why?
by Kurzgesagt 

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